Contacts: 3, Al. Dondukov BLvd., 1000 Sofia

Phone:00359 879 134 862


GLI GOV is a legal entity of budget support with headquarters in Sofia. The Agency is a subordinate authorizing officer with the Minister of Labor and Social Policy. The maintenance of the Chief Labor Inspectorate is formed from budget resources and from own revenues. It is organized in General and Specialized Administration.

GLI GOV performs its activities by: 1. controlling the observance of the labor legislation; 2. exercising the specialized control over compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Employment Promotion Act, the legislation related to the performance of the civil service and the rights and obligations of the parties to the employment relationship and of other normative acts where this Has been assigned by law; 3. providing information and technical advice to employers and employees about the most effective methods of observing labor law and applying the Employment Promotion Act; 4. informing the competent authorities of incompleteness and shortcomings in the existing labor legislation.

Registred in Bulgaria
Business focus: Services
Employees: 100
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